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The Pen Is Mightier
Than The Sword;
"Except Now Those Bastard Got SMARiTT".

Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton
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(National Security Equipment ?)
(Book 1)

They Really Are
Watching You.

SMARiTT is absolutely real. It has been around longer than you or I have. All governments of all the industrialized and electronically proficient countries have and use SMARiTT. SMARiTT was an absolute primary weapon in World War One and World War Two. It has been use for more than a century. All electronic technology was used in the stealth fashion first, before it was ever put on a commercial market.

I have written a book to prove beyond a "shadow" of a doubt or an invisible man, that SMARiTT is real. Of course, you already know it is, but you should read the book anyway. It is free and it's a very good read too. I should know, I wrote it. (LOL)

Please Help Me,
I Have Chlamydia.

It Could Happen To
You Or Someone You Care About.

Chlamydia is a deadly, sexually transmitted bacterial infection/disease. I have already been to the Harborview (STD) medical clinic, 325 9th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104 (Ground Floor East Clinic Wing) three times. They deliberately didn't cure me and tried to suggest/convince/get me to believe that it was something else like prostate cancer, diabetes, bladder infection/cancer, a virus, or maybe something else. Their professional and deliberate malpractice is highly developed as they maintain their demeanor consistently and professionally to do this to just about anybody they want too, all day long. They tried to do it to me. Don't let this happen to you or someone you love. Read the book, it is completely free.

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